MDOT Airport Improvement Program Grant Funding History

The attached .pdf file containing a spreadsheet showing MDOT Grant Contract History approved by Ann Arbor City Council over the last 15 years or so, as well as the relevant grant commitment language to continuously operate the airport for 20 years thereafter.  The spreadsheet doesn’t include every single grant contract over that time, but covers the bulk of them.

Each grant contract includes language (similar to what is shown) that requires the airport “sponsor” (City of Ann Arbor) keep the airport open for 20 years.  So as illustrated in the spreadsheet, the City currently has an obligation to the State and FAA to operate the airport until February, 2029 (02/02/2009).  Approval of a grant for the 800’ runway safety margin enhancement, say in 2010, would add only 1 to 2 years (2030 or 2031) over our current commitment.

This information is provided because there is a false preception that the City could close the airport at anytime in the near future and if it accepted FAA and State funding for the 800′ runway safety margin extension the City is required by agreement to operate the airport for 20 more years.  The fact is, there is a contractural requirment the airport must remain in operation until at least 2029, and by accepting grant funding would only require the airport to operate 1 or 2 more year than it is presently require under agreement.  Additionally, if the City decides to close the airport, the agreement also gives the parties to the agreement a first right of refusal to purchase the airport from the City at current market value.