Aviation Safety

This section is dedicated to general aviation safety and security.  A2GA2 members are encouraged to visit this section to learn about the latest safety and security information made available on the world wide web.  We will do your best to post relevant links to short safety and security web-casts and articles.

If you come across any safety and security related material on the web and find it worthwhile sharing with other A2GA2 members, please feel free to email the link to a2gena2@gmail.com .  Allow 1 to 2 days for research and verification before posting.

  • Engine Failure on Takeoff
  • Keeping It on the Runway, by J. Mac McClellan
  • Runway Overrun Accidents, by Richard L. Collins
  • Runway Safety
  • Do The Right Thing: Decision Making for Pilots
  • Airspace
  • Pinch-Hitter ®
  • Runway Considerations-Aviation Safety-January 2009
  • Takeoff Aborts-Aviation Safety-December 2008
  • The Gift of the Go-Around – EAA Sport Aviation January 2010 by Dave Matheny
  • Cause & Effect – EAA Sport Aviation January 2010 by Ron Wanttaja
  • Go Time, Taking off, segment by segment, AOPA Pilot-March 2010 by Robert R. Mark
  • Performance Calculations, takeoff numbers, AOPA Pilot-March 2010, by Ben Marcus
  • A Matter of Survival, Off-airport landings EAA Sport Aviation February 2010 by Robert N. Rossier